The Family Co-op Membership fee for the Fall 2019 semester covers the following items: rent/utilities, liability insurance, website maintenance, on-site registration paperwork, cleaning supplies, and any other expenses incurred by ECHO to operate during the semester. This fee also allows Co-op members to attend ALL items included within the "Extras-only" Membership for Fall 2019.  No refunds will be given per registration paperwork.

**Each family is required to pay the family membership fee for each semester.**

Family Co-op Membership Fee Fall 2019

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  • Parents must attend a registration/orientation day on July 11th (10a-12p) or August 2nd (10a-12p) to do the following:

    • attend a brief question/answer session (including Easy Class demonstration)
    • submit completed registration paperwork (include copy of online payment receipt if applicable)
    • pay fees if using the manual option (cash or check made payable to: ECHO) 
    • sign-up for volunteer hours 
    • tour of the facility