The 3rd-5th grade activities fee includes the following activities: The Story of the Orchestra (parents will need to purchase the book "The Story of the Orchestra" book with CD), Recycled Art (a list of recycled items will be given to parent at on-site registration/orientation days on July 11 and Aug.2), and STEM activities.  Backpack lists are the responsibility of parent and must be sent with the child each week to co-op in order to participate in activities. Parents must remain on campus during co-op and will be required to teach or assist with activities for two out of three activities each week. Parents need to provide a snack (no nuts or nut-products due to allergy concerns), drink (water in a water bottle to avoid possible carpet stains), and any other specialty equipment or supplies that their child may need while at the co-op.  No refund per registration paperwork.


**HURRY!  Seating is limited.

3rd-5th Grade Activities Fee

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  • Parents must attend a registration/orientation day on July 11th (10a-12p) or August 2nd (10a-12p) to do the following:

    • attend a brief question/answer session (including Easy Class demonstration)
    • submit completed registration paperwork (include copy of online payment receipt if applicable)
    • pay fees if using the manual option (cash or check made payable to: ECHO) 
    • sign-up for volunteer hours 
    • tour of the facility