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After careful consideration and prayer, the East Coast Homeschool Organization (ECHO) will no longer offer a homeschool co-op effective July 31, 2023.  ECHO would like to apologize for any inconvenience the closure may cause homeschooling families that inquired about ECHO Co-op membership for Fall 2023, and to the ECHO Board members and Co-op families that have gone above and beyond their membership responsibilities to create a positive, enriching experience for the organization’s members.  Their hard work and dedication have been exemplary and duly appreciated by families that have benefited from their efforts. The decision to close was not made lightly as the East Coast Homeschool Organization’s Co-op was the only one of its kind in the Camp Lejeune/Jacksonville area of Onslow County. 

The East Coast Homeschool Organization (ECHO) has been a reliable, quality homeschooling resource since 2001 for military and civilian families in Onslow County and surrounding counties. During that time, ECHO has provided homeschooling families with encouragement, support, and information to help make the most of their homeschooling endeavors.  ECHO has offered enrichment and fellowship opportunities through weekly Co-op activities, field trips, community service events, prom, yearbook, and graduation/promotion ceremonies as a part of ECHO's mission to encourage and support homeschooling families over the last 22 years.  It has been a rewarding, but often challenging, experience.  In recent years, the emails and inquiries received by ECHO have indicated that more homeschooling families are seeking “drop-off” programs for their children instead of a homeschool cooperative where parents are required to plan/lead/teach co-op activities and events.  It has been increasingly difficult, especially since the Covid-19 lock-down, to find enough parents willing to assume the duties required to continue to offer a homeschool cooperative which has led to the decision to close the ECHO Co-op.

To recap, the East Coast Homeschool Organization (ECHO) will no longer offer a homeschool co-op effective July 31, 2023.  Spring 2023 ECHO Co-op members will be notified by email regarding upcoming field trips and/or events for July 2023.  RSVP s are required in order to attend.  Thank you.



Stacey Roberts, ECHO President

The East Coast Homeschool Organization (ECHO)

BowlArena Lanes

Thursday, July 6, 2023

10 a.m. - ?

RSVP to the email sent to attend this event.



ABOUT ECHO . . . . . .


ECHO is a Christian Homeschool Organization offering supplemental and enrichment activities for homeschooling families in Onslow County and Region 9 counties (Pamlico, Craven, Lenoir, Jones, Carteret, Dublin, Pender, New Hanover, Brunswick and Columbus).  

ECHO Members Extras may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Yearbook

  • ECHO Library Resources room

  • Scholastic Book Clubs

  • ECHO Prom

  • Used Curriculum Sale

  • ECHO may offer field trips and/or teen nights during the summer break for members that completed the Spring 2023 semester, if members are interested in doing that.


ECHO is registered with NCHE (North Carolinians for Home Education).

ECHO is listed on the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) homeschool groups page.

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